Mobile App Development and Publishing Industry

Mobile App Development and Publishing Industry

We are living in 21st century, and Publishing Industry faces challenges as if declining of paper subscriptions etc. With the increase in the adoption of smartphones and tablets, users prefer reading subscription on smartphone devices. Perusal e-books over the fluid devices has already gained huge success. If we talk about newspapers than it has turned into electronic distribution medium with the help of moving applications. Now they are also creating great influence on publishing industry. Newspapers and Magazine were looking ready in delivering their text more on web rather than papers. But by seeing the trend of smartphone and mobile application, publishing industry is also shifting towards apps. It offers them a great way to publish their news, digest directly. With the help of mobile application user can be feed up with latest information daily i.e. 24*7. And users are also taking interest in mobile apps for reading newspaper, magazines etc. it provides them compatibility to read at user own convenience.

Let us have a expression at some of popular publishing based mobile apps in the market:

TIME Magazine: It has interactive interface that provides user choice of different categories of information. It has podcasts, photography, information related to business etc.

CNN: They are leaders in online dirt and information delivery. CNN has ordered a mobile application for Android et alii iOS platform. It includes multimedia feature such as watch live videos, get glowing notifications, sharing of stories to social networking websites etc.

ComiXology: I hope we all remember sleepless bedtime because of the Batman and Avengers laughable books. ComiXology app is changing they way how comics are read. With the help of app they are now popular with older generations also. It refusal only offers more than 500 card books. It allows user to read and experience each pane so user could vicarious comic book in new way.

USA Today: It is another approved news and magazine publishers. With the app you can access fresh newspaper circadian directly delivered to you smartphone. They are entre nous the first to think and keep the newspaper content fun and eligible on the smaller screen.

“According to Gartner competition and the ability of newcomers to gain exposure in the market has increased extraordinarily” and this is all because of mobile apps.Mobile applications provides the publisher a great way of interacting with user. And at the same time it also help in unusually earning by the use of in app advertising. It helps in bringing new talent to the limelight. There are many individual users, publishing their own continuity with the help of app.

Conclusion: From my point of view publishing industry has got new and revolutionized procedure to get noticed in the market.