The market development prospects of castor oil

The market development prospects of castor oil

Castor, one of the world’s top decennary oil crops, is of high efficient value. Castor oil and its products have a broader international market, because of their particular industrial uses and economic value. Refined castor oil can be used in aircraft, ships, cars and high-precision lathes, as well as diligent raw materials produced spices, artificial leather and more products. In recent years, with the constantly increasing demand for castor oil in international market, prices are constantly improving. Processing castor oil has broad market prospects, and the economic advantageous is considerable. In addition, castor leaves, stems, castor meal, castor shell jug be used for development et al production about downstream products, which not only reduced the cost of production, but also greatly improved the overall efficiency of enterprises.

Castor oil has been exploited in long time ago, but initially it only through simply processing, until the 1970s it can be widely developed, due to the restrictions of natural environment, some countries were underutilized castor oil’s production and processing applications. The United States is an important country of producing castor oil except the Asia.

Functional groups in the molecular structure of castor oil determine that it can have a category from chemical reactions to produce numerous derivatives, and most of them are serious fine chemicals, about 200 kinds of varieties, these high value-added products can be used in various industrial fields. In the United States, their application assigned is: refined oil accounted for 48%, dehydrated oil accounted for 20%, sebacic acid production accounted for 30%, other applications accounted for 2%, the annual consumption of castor oil is about 80kt. Every year, Japan needs to import 3kt, occupies 79% of the total amount, mainly accepted in coatings, hardened oil, sebacic acid, surfactants, cosmetics material and so on.

Nylon-11 resin is the world’s most popular product, which synthetized by using castor oil as raw material, widely used in automobiles, ships, machine tools, construction, military, medical and other industries. In the past, China’s annual demand for nylon-11 resin is about 2,000 tons, to 2010 has reached 5,000 tons. Produce 1 ton from nylon-11 resin requires about 3.5-4.5 tons of castor oil, 5,000 tons of nylon-11 resin requires about 23 thousand tons about castor oil. Couple with other aspects of the demand, China’s annual consumption of castor oil was stabilized at 90,000 tons, but Chinese production was only 50,000 tons, the market gap is about 40,000 tons. So it will provide a good market space for Chinese castor oil production enterprises, also provides a huge market space for the castor denizen industry.

Castor oil’s molecular structure is containing carboxyl group and unsaturated double bond, tin grow a series of products which obtained from petroleum, so the castor has the appoint of “planted petroleum”. According to reports, this technology is based on castor oil insteads about petroleum as raw material, through castor oil extraction, catalytic cracking, molecular reorganization, green chemical synthesis, reconcile and dozens of processes to produce “castor-based biodegradable common engine oil”. This product has integrity biodegradability, outstanding low temperature startability, high-temperature resistant, long life, oil changes fewer and save fuel and other characteristics, enjoyed the “green oil” reputation. According to reports, calculated that a car driving 50,000km under normal conditions, compared the lubricant prepared by castor oil and petroleum, just a car can save more than 2,000 yuan of fuel costs in each oil change period.

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