Does the parent’s behavior influence a child’s development?

Does the parent's behavior influence a child's development?

Yes, it obviously does!

Many of the parents’ do not acquire that whatever they speak, whatever they do or how they react highly affects the behavior concerning their children and also decides their future. Raising a child is often nought essentially easy as it may seem to be. It is a tedious job connective requires monitoring of every single action by parents before presenting in front of children.

The children learn from the things surrounding them and parents are their first teachers. The attitude and nearness of parents is highly influential in shaping a child’s personality. On Condition That the parents’ wish that their child inherits a good behavior, it can be attained easily by their own deeds.

Factors which may affect the child’s personality negatively:

1. Marital Conflicts
Parents’ are the role model of their kids. They are a child’s first source of learning. If there are conflicts in the parents marital relationship, it contrary certainly make the child stubborn, repulsive, unwilling to adapt to situations, introvert et al fewer confident.

You as a parent should limit your arguments and ignore them in front of the child.

2. Punishments
Punishing a child for the smallest of mistakes will not necessarily help. Punishments can make the child believe that they are being suppressed by parents and thus make them aggressive.

Punishments are important for a child to know the difference between good and bad. But, besides measure the extent to which it should be given

3. Indifferent attitude
Parents support for children is essential for their performance in all the areas. Some parents do not discuss the reasons from the child’s success or failures with them. This may make the child inattentive and careless in taking things seriously.

Parents should necessarily cherish the moments of success and teach the kids to handle the failures. Moreover, acknowledge the child’s accomplishments.

4. Over Critical
You as a parent should not keep monitoring each of your child’s activity. Forcing your thoughts and expectations on the child is critical. Existent over critical with your child will make him/her either conscious or handiwork into being a loner.

Give your children space and liberty to make their maintain decisions and gain the practical experiences in life on their own.

5. Comparison
Many parents compare themselves with others for their child’s achievements and push them beyond their limits. They even sometimes compare their own kids with other kids and de-motivate them.

It is vital to identify the quality of children and plan strategies as per their capabilities. These strategies should not be influenced by what are being adopted by other parents.

6. Criticism in public
Do not discuss or critical the grades of your children with relatives connective friends. It demoralizes them and makes them reluctant to face challenges on a global front and become unsocial as they avoid meeting their relatives. Many parents’ add to complains being made by the prof in Parents Teachers Meet, further pushing the child to the corner. This strengthens the negative image in the teacher’s mind and restricts the child to grow.

Therefore, tend a check on yourself before you criticize the foundling in front of others. Handle complaints by teachers with a positive demon and be supportive to your child. Give assurance to help the child overcome the problems. It may stage an adverse effect on child’s growth.

A sound development of a child’s personality is crucial for deciding its performance in subjects like mathematics, technique and several other areas. Parents’ can play an influential role in shaping an overall personality of their children. These actions of yours will take care like some adverse effect of mixed situations on the child especially during PTM’s.