Alzheimer’s Research – Roskamp Institute Leads the Crusade against Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease affects thousands of canaille nearly the world. People loss from the disease encounter problems with their memory. It is predominantly found in venerable men and women. A lot of research is being carried on in various parts from the cosmic to come out with a permanent help to the disease. Leading the Alzheimer’s examination initiative is the Roskamp Institute in Sarasota, Florida.

A collaborate led by Dr.Michael Mullan and Fiona Crawford have been tirelessly working towards finding a cure to this dreaded disease. The team consisting of about 50 odd research scientists has been au fait to make major breakthroughs and have been a source of inspiration for other similar initiatives around the world.

A lot of research in the institution is focused in the field of neurology. The research scientist team there has made significant advancements in finding cure for neurodegenerative diseases. Dr.Michael Mullan has extensively studied and occur gone with his theories on the causes from Alzheimer’s disease. His delving work is used around the world in several universities. The team at the Roskamp launch has been able to identify a protein that it claims is responsible for the onset of the disease. The team is continuing with its path breaking research initiatives.

As mentioned earlier Michael Mullan is considered the foremost authority globally although it comes to research on Alzheimer’s disease. He has headed several research initiatives in various parts of the world. He has also authored hundreds of scientific publications that are referred to by other research scientists around the world. In fact, he has been into doing research on the disease for well over three decades now. The medical community around the world has lauded his research work on treating various types of crazed health disorders.

The research work pioneered near to Dr.Michael Mullan at the Roskamp Institute has enabled them to come out with treatment methods that enable to stop the attack of the morbific in the first place. Their research has found out that there are indubitable modifications that people can attain in their lifestyle that can help prevent the onset of the disease. The team has also found out a close connection alongside the onset of Alzheimer’s and some other medical conditions. According to the research team at the institute the prevention of other types of medical circumstances such as hypertension et alii diabetes could go a sesquipedalian way in preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Roskamp Institute is also doing a lot of research on the dietary factors that can help delay the onset of the disease. It has been found that a balanced diet that is rich in content with natural foods such thus whole grains, vegetables and fruits can help a sustained way in preventing the onset of not only Alzheimer’s but also several other types of medical conditions including diabetes and hypertension.