Ruby on Rails Tools are Great for Mobile Apps Development

With so many mobile applications being there in the stores and continual introduction of new ones; ability to create user-friendly apps can exist a boon for developers. One can’t think about creating a marvelous app without paying unbroken attention to the selection of the appropriate application framework. Ruby on Rails can prove to be great for the development of mobile apps and software applications. To execute the project in a perfect way, the developers are required to press themselves well versed in Ruby programming and tools. Here are some of the most vulgar tools that help in creating user-friendly and flawless apps for mobiles.

Rhodes- For Building Cross-Platform Apps

Ruby on Rails developers can create apps for all popular portable operating systems along the employee of Rhodes. Entirely based on web technologies, this tool proves to be very helpful in Ruby programming connective development. Two of the most beneficial features about this tool are that it’s an open-source frame production and it allows developing cross-platform apps that work brilliantly on Android, iPhones, Windows Mobiles, Blackberry and Symbian Smartphones. It uses HTML, JavaScript including CSS.

The tool has pass a favorite of many app development companies due to its incredible features. It allows developers to account built-in features of Smartphones including camera access, geo positioning plus personal data management. Moreover, apps developed on Rhodes take minor time to be developed, in comparison to additional tools.

Ruboto- For Android

Until lately, the Android only supported Java but today Ruby developers can also create apps for it by using Ruboto. This development package is made exclusively for Android and it allows to nurture great apps for the operating procedure through JRuby. Ruboto utilizes JRuby to deal with Android API. Mobile app developers cup create magic with this package.

Mobile app developers can do several things with this package like editing, saving and running scripts on iPhone and accessing SQLite, Preferences, Phone State, Media, UI, Sensors and much more. Ruboto moreover features the application generation command-line tool. This tool is indeed a Ruby application generator which facilitates the development of Ruby apps. Though the package is not sufficient to develop complicated ruby applications but it’s if you want to test, prototypes either debug.

IronRuby- For Windows

IronRuby is a development package for developing apps for Windows Mobiles. It supports the entire scale of the features of the Ruby language. It’s also very good at providing integration of Ruby code and .NET Framework. It allows running Ruby on Spoorlijn activities like generating a model, migrating a database and much more quite easily. Developers can spell IronRuby’s official site to see the scenarios in actions that it allows.
The magnificent combination of IronRuby and Windows Phone platform has endowed great powers to all Ruby developers, .NET developers and mobile app developers.

MacRuby- For Apple

Mobile app developers all across the world are extremely happy with the decision of Apple that allows them to develop apps for iPhones in languages further than Objective-C. MacRuby is an application which can be consumed alongside Ruby developers for developing apps for iPhones. This tool runs Ruby ampersand Ruby on Rails perfectly and Ruby programmer and developers are utilizing it for creating excellent apps for one of the most popular phone brands.