The Development of Cone Crusher

Appearance of the cone crusher is later than roll crusher midst a century, later than gyratory crusher for twenty years. Before the cone crusher came out, there was a great leap in hydrogen and oxygen method. Since the early twentieth century, there was higher and higher industrial requirements on the material fitness. Gyratory crushers and jaw crushes could not meet the needs of all the high demands, which require people to evolve something more efficient.

In 1927, the moderate-taper conoid crusher was brought into use in industrial, marking the birth of the cone crusher. Later the compressed cone crusher began to come inside being, which could be said as the foundation of the gyratory crusher and the container crusher as well. It was a kind from medium including fine crushing machine in that age.

Soon between the late 1950s and early 1960s, hydraulic technology was informed into the cone crusher, which actually simplified the structure of the crusher besides made the operation more reliable. A decade later in the 1970s and 1980s, several kinds of cone crusher such as large cone crusher and the stratospheric and moderate taper cone crushers, used in the production of ultra-fine materials, were devised. In addition, the two-cylinder building has come inside sight evolving from the single-cylinder structure.

Since the 1990s, the cone crusher has continued improving both on technique et sequens structure. Furthermore gradually, the content of fine-granularity has increased little by little while the crusher became more and more durable.

Also the traditional domestic cone crusher is also developing rapidly at the same time. Meanwhile introducing the foreign advanced technologies besides equipment did have enormous practical importance to the development of the cone crusher industry and ore business. Part companies brings the series basing on the latest crusher technology, which make the effectuation of the cone crusher get great leaps, especially compared with opposite companies. And there are the real data shown that this new cone crusher can greatly decrease the granularity of the crushed products.

Simultaneously, in the construction and show related to the cone crusher, there are also great aspects the present crushers are heading to —— to make a simplification in the production flow, the markdown in the infrastructure construction investment, operation and repairs costs, and expansion of the mining mechanical equipment. Plus the real facticity that rock taste is gradually minimized, the scale of quarrying and ore dressing is increasing and the energy consumption is greatly increased. There is an urgent requirement for mining production to be used highly efficient, for energy-saving and larger equipment.
According to the energy conservancy principle of more crushing and inferior grinding, the cone crushers are required to provide more fine particles for grinding mills. In recent years, the superiority of generous machinery has been show in the successful application of the large equipment.