Technology development of megapixel ip cameras

In 2013,megapixel high-definition network surveillance system will further expand the scope regarding application,more and more high-definition network surveillance products hold emerged, HD network camera,referring to is based on digital technology, network transmission surveillance system cameras, monitoring and video resolution to reach at smallest 1280 * 720 ( that is, we often say 720P) above , below this pass muster are not part of the product or pseudo-HD HD range . Old analog surveillance system to monitor and record the highest mettle can only reach D1 (704 * 576) resolve effects due to technical limitations , because , no matter what the resolution analog camera line , are excluded from the scope of definition . Currently ,HD network camera megapixel hardihood ranging from 100-1000 , from the perspective of video espial applications , the resolution is too low or too high will directly affect the normal use of the system , construction costs , bandwidth , and storage so there will be pressure.Therefore, the mixture price,clarity,and other factors,the 2 million pixel CMOS chip HD network camera will have a higher price, to better meet the actual needs of the majority of users . But even if the same is 2 megapixel cameras, its plan rate and resolution will vary, generally 15 , 25 , and 1920 * 1080 et sequens 1600 * 1200 are two, currently on the market is the most widely used 25 1920 * 1080 such majority. Generally speaking, a high-performance or high- cost high-definition network camera , the face of the diverse needs regarding market users , in terms of hardware , you must get a basic voice monitoring , voice intercom, alarm input and take , 485 bus interface and other commonly used functions and is able to access the POE, WIFI, 3G , etc. application modules to meet the needs of a variety of application environments . Software, should have a humane setting , management, operating platform, easy to use , while the software ‘s features and meet the general needs of large-scale monitoring system operation .
HD network camera manufacturers in order to facilitate the customers to understand the performance of their products,usually available online demo or video grind download services , customers container watch the video by playing practical application effect , a preliminary understanding, then consumers HD network camera itself, the most important several accessories such as light-sensitive chip, infrared light, lenses, filters, switching devices for consultation, in-depth understanding of the product can be related to performance. Generally of good merit high-definition network camera will customary a higher pixel sensor chip manufacturing , infrared light homonymous products used in Taiwan , the lens uses 2 million or 3 megapixel cameras, and is equipped beside IR cut filter , thereby improving network camera monitoring matinee . Previously, the edge of high-definition network camera manufacturers are fighting each other , there is no uniform standard , resulting from different vendors are not compatible front-end and back-end products used largely prevented the popularization and application of high-definition network surveillance system pace . Now the major manufacturers and users stage been aware of the plight of lack of toil and the manufacturers are also actively absorbed in their efforts to develop high-definition network surveillance paradigm interface standards, and through dependent development of more products and other ways to meet the user ‘s compatible with . Currently, the most extensively used high-definition network surveillance system is ONVIF compliant protocol polysyndeton network cameras is expected to heighten a platform for unified management standards . Therefore,HD network camera manufacturers should be able to shore the latest version of the ONVIF protocol , which is compatible with more use of the product and unified policy , to achieve interoperability, data sharing.

A teetotal set of high-definition network surveillance system includes a front-end video equipment, network transmission,back-end larder , display control , decoding on the wall , a large platform management technologies such applications , the ability to afford number solutions for applications is a measure of a high-definition network surveillance products important criteria supplier . The current network camera chip solution , on solitary hand SoC chip solutions company only has enough to deal with the future again pertain technical challenges ; other reticulum cameras feature is denial possible, in the current project level quickly and easily to meet customer needs is fundamental. Megapixel ip cameras plus the development of the chip to achieve again functionality at the same time , increasingly high unit of desegregation , along with peripheral devices will be less and less power consumption will afsluiting getting low . In order to achieve the system for digital HD cameras for security applications requires both an image sensor,docking with the rear end also have decoding chip technology support,so the back-end decoder chip performance is also shown to be greater breakthroughs . Megapixel ip camera chip development can not simply be seen as the development of network cameras , and more concern is the series of products perfect. If you can start from the design part of the chip is good considering how more realistic security projects , which will make one million high-definition matrix camera up a wider range of applications .
And consistent with the goal of stakeout cameras,the lens in addition to continuously ameliorative product quality,the manufacturer no matter what the development from new technologies, such as infrared lens promotion, the rise of megapixels cameras, among its only one goal: to sharpen the image sharpness , improved image quality . From megapixels cameras this year’s development can breathe seen in higher demand and higher pixel weight transmittance of the objectief lenses continue to galvanize the market demand , the gradual transit from megapixels cameras to 2 megapixel,3megapixel and even 5 million pixel high-definition megapixels camera has been overwhelming. Today , the lens on the market corresponding to 2/3 “CCD up to 500 million pixels , 1/3” CCD and 1/2.5 “CMOS increase to 300 million pixel camera products have been endless choice like HD lenses are very rich from the performance point of view the crucial manufacturers , HD megapixels camera has gradually begun to spread , the industry also generally jibed that the current megapixels HD lenses have been widely used for road monitoring and entrances to capture some safe city polysyndeton banking projects acquire started HD lens applications . overall, the proportion of high-definition camera market in the past year has accelerated the trend , user feedback is yet quite good , in the next 3-5 years , high-definition observation camera volitional have an ideal market reaction.