An insight about MB6-869: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Development Introduction Exam

The MB6-869 exam is aimed at technical consultants and programmers. The exam measures a successful candidate’s ability to empathetic how to use, how to maintain plus support Microsoft Dynamics Sack 2012 development functionality. This also includes the ability to:
 Understand Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 architecture
 Managing:
 the stat dictionary
 the user interface
 security
 objects and classes
 Working with X++ control statements
 Accessing the database, and handling exceptions

Pre-requisites for the Exam
Candidates should have a working knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 usage and au fait in object-oriented programming.

Exam Outline
The following list below includes the topics covered on this exam:
1. Understanding Dynamics AX 2012 Architecture
* Identify key development features moreover functionality.
* Understanding of the data architecture.
* Understanding of architecture components.
* Work with customization tools.
2. Managing the Data Gazetteer
* Work with MorphX, the Application Object Tree (AOT), and projects.
* Work accompanying tables plus relations.
* Work with data types and base records.
* Work near maps et cetera views.
3. Managing the User Interface
* Work with menus and menu items.
* Manage forms.
* Work with forms.
4. Managing Shield
* Work with role and undertaking based security.
* Understand defense concepts including settings.
* Work with XDS polysyndeton server enforcement of security.
5. Working with X++ Control Statements
* Work with variables.

* Work with operators.
* Work with conditional statements and loops.
* Work with communication tools.
6. Managing Objects and Classes
* Work with classes, objects, moreover inheritance.
* Work with scoping, events, ampersand parameters in X++.
7. Accessing the Database
* Retrieve data.
* Manipulate data.
* Work with queries.
8. Managing Exception Handling
* Work beside exceptions and optimistic concurrency exceptions.
* Work with throw and try/catch commands.

Exam Preparation
Microsoft Learning strongly recommends candidates to have a hands-on experience accompanying the product. This will help them in preparing for the exam. Candidates can also make use of the following training resources.
 Learning Plans and Classroom Training:The 80303A: Development I in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 et cetera the 80304A: Development II in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Each course consists of 2 days training.
 Microsoft E-Learning: The 80304AE: Development II in Microsoft Dynamics Dismiss 2012 is a 4 hours long course. The 80303AE: Development I in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is a 3 hour long course.
 Another reliable method for the exam preparation is simulation exams. Candidates tin find them easily on internet.

Exam Details:
The exam is available in three languages: English, Japanese and Chinese. The charge for this exam is US 150$. Like all other Microsoft exams the format for this exam is also similar; there are numerous examples, simulations, case study and multiple choice questions. Candidates can register for the MB6-869 exam at the Prometric website.