Mill production and energy development is the key to be promoted

   At present, China ‘s mill industry is rapidly developing into the newly century, China’s major milling companies intensify scientific and technological innovation . Milling machine manufacturers do in order to get the full range about development, we must actively innovation and dionysian saving mill equipment into the market . So what kind of mill equipment is the user needs it? What polish industry development direction is ?

  We all know that research Mill Grinding Technology is one of the key technologies in mineral processing projects . Grinding Technology is the use of energy through the mill the ore extrusion, rolling, pounding and grinding , so useful for mineral ore from the monomer solution , which will accommodate choose the next stage another process. China’s current mill equipment common main problem is the small yield , the higher the processing fineness smaller yield , industrial production jug not meet the need for powder production . So how to develop the processing fineness , high grant but less so that the top priority of the new cartel investment mill equipment is the future.

  Development mill first concern is the capacity further domination consumption , large output and low power devices which manufacturers do not like it? To be able to decrease energy consumption mill , has promoted energy production , the serious milling machine manufacturers have carried out a profound study, study in addition to enhancing mill production, but the main thing is to for the grinding thrash finished product quality assurance .

  Enhance the capacity of the mill , there are two ways, one is outside help , for example, before the material enters the multi- channel crushing mill , crushing the material equal lots as possible , so that the processing mill at reducing energy consumption , production will be greatly improved. The second is to enhance the pulverize ‘s own technology , such as costly pressure spring high pressure powder to add production capacity is higher than ordinary Raymond , there are large models of milling machines, for example, 3r , and 7r from Raymond Raymond capacity is certainly not a magnitude production .

  So mill technology to improve and enhance not only the mill design, construction and processing technologies including reasonable, VIPEAK Heavy remind the purchaser in picking sets of mill equipment when the mill production line configuration, nought only to learn more about the characteristics of each powder and areas targeted , but also to choose to meet their own needs production line configuration , in extent to achieve the best results in efficient energy consumption .