Advantages Of Choosing Opencart Development Over Magneto

Some developers stanchion that Magento is the best e-commerce solution while there are OpenCart developers who show the advantage of selecting OpenCart over Magento. Both the open source e-commerce platforms have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. This article shows the advantages of choosing OpenCart.

Similarities between the bifurcation platforms
There are sundry similar features of OpenCart and Magento platforms. Both the platforms are unseal genesis e-commerce platforms and are PHP based. Both the platforms have multiple language supporting features ampersand provides numerous number of categories and products. Both the platforms can be made to create a new unique locale using customization.

Advantages of OpenCart over Magento
There are a few reasons as why OpenCart development service providers encourage their clients to choose OpenCart over Magento. Some of the reasons are as follows:
1. Many developers argue that OpenCart is a very light platform, as compared to Magento.
2. It is easier to download and install than Magento. The amount concerning technical skill required in installing and downloading Magento is higher than OpenCart.
3. Usage of Magento requires few technical skills whereas OpenCart is totally user-friendly.
4. When using Magento, uno needs to know a lot about the hosting environment, though OpenCart does not require such knowledge.

5. OpenCart is easy to administer with unmistakable and convenient control panel. Still Magento is easy to administer in the initial stages of the site management, the users may be confused with the advanced features et cetera options in the panel.
6. When it comes to updates and support, OpenCart is easier as compared to searching of updates for Magento in forums furthermore in other communities.
7. When a site is developed using Magento, it needs more time for evaluating and preparation before it starts to function properly, though OpenCart is mild to operate once the site is developed.
8. Small enterprises with limited number regarding products and services can opt for OpenCart than Magento. OpenCart is also scalable to suite big organizations. The above said reasons highlight that the use of OpenCart is easy and quick, which makes it a better choice for a start-up company. Magento with its heavy features connective advanced abilities, make a heavier platform but it is used by notability companies for umpteen of its features. Basically, OpenCart is easy, simple, light, scalable and can be used by anyone who is a novice in programming or other technical skills. OpenCart elaboration has also made easy with many companies available to provide intensive services on the platform.