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Microsoft .Net Technology
ASP.NET Consulting

Variance’s professional experts might guideline the ASP.NET technology applying guidelines and spread examined skills. Our professionals can:

Builder an ASP.NET website app

Properly installation Webstek et sequens Webstek App tasks
Use the proper controls, navigation handles
Layout and create customized controls
Save phase utilizing confirmed 3rd fete controls
Develop stunning User Connections and navigation
Enhance database connection
Improve primarily performance via Ajax polysyndeton other user interface optimization methods
Recognize where you need to be utilising Silverlight vs. ASP.NET
Combine draft while using Microsoft Expression Suite

WPF Consulting
Variance provides skilled, field-proven consulting about Windows Gift Foundation (WPF). Our professional consultants:

Guide you via the WPF programming model utilizing best methods
Teach the WPF model with plus without XAML
Develop WPF customized user controls
Display you confirmed Third party WPF add-ons which save time and effort
Help you combine Phrase Blend with Visual Studio to develop user interfaces
Develop amazing, powerful user interfaces

C# Consulting

Variance’s professionals can show you on C#.NET technology. Our expert consultants:

Help you constructor and style a scalable, leverage-able C#-based structure and app
Develop WinForms using User interface best practices
Develop web-based programs with C# as the handled language
Credit WPF, WCF, WF, and LINQ in C#
Develop safe, strong website services
Combine .NET apps having COM, Java, or legacy systems
Troubleshoot “random” problems with your C# apps
Use SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, along with organization multi-terabyte database systems
Use Team Ondergrond Server for that SDLC platform
Focus on performance problems in C#

WCF Consulting

Variance’s professional WCF consultants:

Help you establish where WCF fits into the application structures
Use WCF joining, WCF problem, WCF message, and WCF information agreements upon field confirmed best methods

Improve to the newest version of WCF
Apparatus WCF patronage measures
Troubleshoot WCF productivity problems

LINQ Consulting

Variance’s master .NET experts will SOS you successfully use Language Integrated Query (LINQ) in the .NET app development. Our professional experts will help you:

Architect, design, and inception a .NET database solution which uses LINQ
Properly use expansion techniques and lambda expression
Develop issue expressions
Successfully use the LINQ thingamajig model
Utilize offspring expression to object containers, XML documents, and relational databases
Use PLINQ and again the Task Parallel Archive (TPL)
Toubleshoot LINQ-related problems
Enhance information access performance

Workflow Consulting

Variance’s professional staff of experts can generate a solution utilizing Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) utilizing area confirmed best methods. Variance’s professionals can:

Builder, design, and create business procedures workflows
Correctly layout and utilization workflows and actions
Clique up, manage, and use the visual tools for workflows layout
Develop customized actions
Layout state device and serialized workflows
Optimize workflows for mainly performance
Troubleshoot workflows problems

ASP.NET MVC Consulting

Variance provides ASP.NET MVC consultation besides solutions by utilizing area confirmed top methods. Our professional consultants can back you:

Architect, layout, and create a solution created on ASP.NET MVC
Recognize and use the top practices for the Model-View-Controller pattern
Develop controllers and activities for workflow management
Correctly use techniques and results
Layout and constructional custom classes
Figure out assuming the Entity Framework information model
Troubleshoot your ASP.NET MVC program
Optimize ASP.NET MVC generally performance.

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