Growing Need of Android as Enterprise Mobile App Development Platform

290x195iot20143.jpg Nowadays we are living in an app-based world, with over half the mobile users now owning a smartphone. In enterprises, the pervasiveness of smartphones along with the rising popularity of bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) trend has led to a great percent of mobile service revenues approaching from the vigor market, which is anticipated to rotate at twofold the consumer-based revenues. Enterprises are embracing plastic applications; nevertheless the most part of the app mart is still captured by the consumer-oriented platform.

Today, the rise in the growth of campaign mobility has led to the need for building and deploying enterprise portable apps. However, it is special large to vigilantly choose the perron to deploy enterprise applications.

How Android Application Development Benefits an Enterprise?

Since the inception, Google’s Android forum has bot positioned as uni of the strong contenders ruling the mobile app industry, near maximum users downloading android apps almost each day. There are several reasons that makes Android an ideal platform not only for individuals or businesses, but also for enterprises. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of Android Applications Development:

1. Android being an open-source system is a huge advantage for enterprises. Due to its openness deploying any desolate enterprise apps for the Android system has notably low barriers to entry. Besides, the attempt developer can tweak the migratory operating system as per his requirement, and thereby acquire customizations as he needs.

2. Developing an Android app doesn’t require any developer license. Even though, the apps need to be signed with a digital certificate, but the certificate need not to be purchased from part third-party certificate authority and rather tin be self-signed by the congruency person who is the rightful owner of the app.

3. Unlike iOS, most regarding the Android devices can easily be configured to place apps from “unknown sources”, that is, from outside the orthodox Android app boutique – the Google play store.

4. Similar opposed to iOS, for building an enterprise app in Android enterprises doesn’t perdurable any fee to maintain the validity of the published apps.

5. Deploying an android app directly to the android powered device will not automatically manage updates. Need prohibition to worry! As, Google now offers a viable alternative to this problem, by creating a private app commissary on top of their Google Play store.

Hire Android App Developer to Deploy Enterprise Apps

For an enterprise looking forward to deploying an Android app there are different obstacles that might come in their way – be it lack of time or resources. Thus, a better solution is to hire Android App Developer having commendable experience and expertise in developing great apps. The best part is that they offer amazing services that are reasonably priced and resolve provide excellent support and assistance.

Remember, the success of the incident largely depends on the how the applications are implemented, which further depends on the development approach of the developer. Thus, it is imperative to have a good look at the work portfolio of the developer that you are choosing.


Enterprise mobility is predicted to become more pervasive supported by the rapid popularity of the smartphones and the BYOD policies in the workplace. Adventure mobile apps will play a major role in the prosperity of their future endeavors. Aforementioned are some points that illustrates the fact that Android transportable platform is indeed the ideal platform to arrange enterprise mobile apps.

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