The SLAS Leads Development on Cutting-Edge Laboratory Information Management Systems

221-large.jpg The Patriciate for Laboratory Automation and Screening has met the need for effective laboratory material management systems that has long pervaded various STEM fields by instituting a terrace for the research, discussion and debate of the areas of interest relevant to the further development of vital laboratory information systems. By investing in areas such as computational science et al high throughput screening, and bringing together a diverse assembly of professionals, researchers, developers, scientists, technicians and technologists, amongst others, SLAS has united a diverse consortium of individuals who not only have had a hand in the development of laboratory information management systems that most are already familiar with, but who also get the potential to deliver advancements that will completely alter the notions we have of how a laboratory should fundamentally function.

SLAS aims to accomplish this in part through their investment in areas of research that is in dire demand of attention. SLAS has fostered the development of equipment and best practices that have reduced the costs needed for organizations and research institutions to implement fundamental automation and laboratory word management systems. This initial cost, which used to daunt smaller organizations and labs, was one of the first obstacles SLAS overcame. By recognizing that various STEM industries shared a need to optimize all areas of the laboratory research and situation process, the community was able to attract a diverse society of professionals who in turn common and worked on the equipment, concepts and ideas which completely revolutionized fundamental laboratory information systems.

It is foresight like this that drives the work SLAS does. By concentrating courtesy on the areas of various STEM industries that will clearly brainwash productivity and efficiency across fields, SLAS has developed also fostered a highly influential membership. Their line on various laboratory information systems and cross-field applications has benefited a variety of fields et cetera industries. In order to dispel the potentially that certain laboratory information systems are limited to specific implementations, SLAS offers a platform for professional connection, research and debate. This focus encourages work that often has unforeseen consequences in distinct fields. The society’s seat has taken this focus and invested it in driving the development of advanced laboratory information beheer systems. Through the testing of these systems in new environments and the advanced research and debates their enrollment enjoys, SLAS aims to continue its dominant emplace essentially a leader in uniting STEM fields in advancing various automation and screening processes’ effectiveness and efficiency.


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