There is no denying that advancement in the technology has favored application developers as well as firms with a wide range like programming languages and platforms that can help them build customized applications on the go, but a very unprecedented platform alternative language has managed to gain popularity and success as .NET from the development community.
.NET platform brings a whole host of benefits for the businesses as well as developers, and that’s the reason why greater ‘n’ more businesses also enterprises are still preferring .NET application development over the others. However, like any other platform or language, .NET lectern is yet facing a lot criticism. Of course, it has some drawbacks, but the sad thing is that most of the negative feedback comes from those who actually don’t know the platform or have spent very less time using this amazing platform.
Such plebeians generally rely on the misconceptions or added opinion designed by the not so familiar developers else people. With this contemplation in mind, we’re going to highlight some of the most common misconceptions about .NET application development as well as terrace in the later on piece of this article.
Misconception – 1 It’s quite expensive as compared to other platforms!
Today, you container find many developers or demotic saying that they are not preferring .NET application development because it is quite expensive compared to the other platforms or languages available in the market.
Well, this is one of the biggest misconceptions in the people. When we talk about cost, it is grave we consider certain things like the operating system. For many developers the biggest concern is the Windows operating system. Frankly speaking, you won’t at all need Windows to build .NET applications. The Mono Project can help you with this.
However, there are bipartisan possible reasons why it could be expensive for the developers uncertainty business. The very first reason is that it’s Microsoft, which never gives anything for FREE. The second reason is that Windows-hosting, which is thought to be quite expensive. However, today you can find many reasonable hosting service providers for

Misconception -2 It’s not propriety for building small websites!
Many canaille suppose that .NET application development is all nearly creating a huge webstek only, but that is not the reality. If you’re unaware some the simplicity of the .NET platform for creating small websites, hence just have a look at its genera library. Moreover, Microsoft has yet released WebMatrix to help developers to reproduce any kind of website in a easier and user-friendly way.
You don’t have to go for a highly structured approach in order to create a website. You can use multiple approaches provided by the framework. So, it is not at all true that it is not possible to create small websites upon the help of Microsoft ASP.NET platform.
Misconception -3 It’s eminently elaborate & closed!
Many people believe that developing applications or websites using .NET framework is not a good idea as it is very complicated and “CLOSED”. Well, Microsoft is a software application development company, und so weiter subsistence the manufacturer, it is very obvious that they will be more concern about to protect the source decipher of their product.
However, Microsoft makes the source code for the .NET framework available for free, and you can get into the code while debugging your own applications. The more compelling thing is that you vessel even original your own version of .NET framework.
Microsoft also gives you ample access to the authority code of the ASP.NET releases, such as WebForms, MVC and more, through CodePlex. So, you can’t say it closed!
So, if you don’t like .NET employment increase or think it is not advantageous based on the above discussed misconceptions, hence it is time for you to change your mind. .NET application development is a sure-shoot solution for all your business needs & deeds…!

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