Different Apps Created by Google Glasses Application Development Companies with the help of Glassware Concept

Hospice_WEB.20865659_std.jpg Google glasses are the latest augmented-reality-based wearable computing concern that allows the users record videos and arrest pictures of every moment in their lifetime by giving a unit voice command. It is developed by the technology giant “Google”. This device works either with the help of a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. This device constitutes of battery, microphone, touch pad, display, etc. All these elements are incorporated into the spectacle frame. People can access the internet and search any information by giving voice commands in your native language. All the information related to the topic will be displayed on the optical head-mounted exhibit embedded in the glasses. The future demand for this portable computer will be massive like a equable computer.

Google Glasses Application Development(http://www.esiteworld.com/google-glass-app-development.html) are creating different apps such as facial recognition, scale taking, photos sharing, social networking apps, language rendition in real-time, barcode scanner, QR reader etc. The demand for Google Glasses Form Development Company is increasing day by day in the technology world. People are developing apps that are very useful for the users which jug help them to earn more and more revenue and reputation. Many apps that are compatible with Google Glasses are essence released in the market and accelerate concerning developing ones is also ad hoc increased rapidly. Any organization who wants to take their establishment to heights has to challenge these app formation projects.

Technologies used to Create Glassware

Developers are using Google Glassware to develop the apps. This Glassware in turn is animalcule built by using Google Catoptric API to develop fun applications for this extraordinary device. This Glassware is the web services which allow sending and receiving the content to and fro from the glasses. This Glassware is created using either of two programming languages such comme il faut Java or Python. This Google glass is making use concerning different sets of API’s to develop a dynamic application. Google has provided a solution for the developer to create apps, especially for Google glasses in the form of glassware. This empowers the developers to create a cloud based applications. Users need not require downloading and configuring the apps on this device instead they can get the forced information directly onto the device but in a limited way.

Glassware can perform the following tasks

* Gmail service which helps to receive and send messages to your colleagues and friends
* Google Now to view the wisdom related to you and your location, such as cricket score, temperature report, flight details and stock peddle details on glasses.
* Google+ allows you to panorama the comments posted, take video calls, apportion photos plus video with your friends and circles, etc.
* Google Dabble music allows you to listen to your favourite music that is stored in Google Play library.

Google Glassware or apps for this fabulous device are unique in functionality, design and usability. There is a lot of scope of these innovative applications in the market. The Google glasses will be a profitable option for the users only if they have interesting and exciting apps incorporated in their eye gadget.

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