Platforms Used In Google Glass Web Development To Give User-Friendly Browsing Experience

prod_of_the_month.313105404_std.JPG Google Glass is another spectacular invention from technology troll Google. This is the next generation hi-tech eye gadget that has surpassed Smartphone’s further tablets. This light weight, easy, wearable thingamajig gives a wonderful experience for the users. This scheme works either with the help of a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. It is a tiny computer worn on the eye similar to the spectacle. The subjective can get any information at a faster progress by giving commands in microphone. This microphone connects to the Google search engine et al displays all the results on the screen provided on the glasses.

Many new applications that are compatible with Google Glasses are being released into the market. The demand for the Google Glass application developers are accelerating day by day. The Applications Development Troupe has to take handicap of this new app market as early as possible to design unique, innovative and fun applications.

Tools to Develop Apps for Google Glasses

These apps are developed using Glassware. To develop this Glassware people use Google’s Mirror API. This API helps to plan new, fun and unique apps for this fabulous device. This Google Glassware is developed using either of the technologies such as Java and Python. Apps Development companies are trying to give appealing and captivating experience for the users upon their unique features.

Google Glass App Design is done in unique and simple manner to catch the eye of every user. These apps help the industries of various domains to carry out their work easily by providing meliorism solutions when connected to the Internet. These glasses

* Overcome disabilities
* Translates from one language to the known language of the user
* Improves the reality gaming and user experience
* Enhances education system
* Allows more hands on learning

Platforms for Developing web for Google Glasses

Apart from apps, Google glass is packed with a web browser for the first ad hoc and these glasses are integrated with various web screens such as desktops, Smartphone’s, tablets, smart TV’s etc. Google Glass Web Development is done using RESTful HTTP services. The only way to patency the web browser is to pass voice commands to search apps and click on the search results obtained. You cup diagram top seven pages of the search engine results in the full-screen mode. You can give forward or backward gestures in order to schedule down or up, to view the web pages. People can enjoy the news and foretell different contents on the sites with the helpful of this user-friendly browser.

Google Glass web development is built by taking all the points such as time, location, recurrence into account in order to deliver captivating user experience. It is created using either of two platforms, i.e. Java and Python. The requisites that are required for the developer to use Java language is that he should be proficient and require Java 1.6 capability, App Engine SDK and Apache Maven. In order to develop the fabric using python the requisites are similar to that of Java and here it need not suppose the use of Eclipse or Maven.

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