iTexico Presented Especial Webinar Series Focused on Mobile Development for Businesses

Austin, Texas, February 04, 2014 – “As a web et alii movable app phase company, it’s our moral obligation to make this knowledge available to our customers and to everyone willing to digest about having a business in the mobile determination or developing a mobile app. Our developers are specialized in several code languages and tools, so we are more than aware of the changes that have happened in the last year and what is coming, but is a other story for B2B and B2C companies outside regarding the industry,” said Abhijeet Pradhan, CTO of iTexico.

iTexico, an Austin based web and mobile development company specializing in providing brain trust professionals to complement existing teams among their eTaaS (Extended Team as a Service) program. iTexico will start hosting a series of webinars focused on providing B2B and B2C companies with the right tools plus first-hand information to make the seniority decisions for mobility strategies facing the mobile revolution and the ever-growing universe of alternatives on devices, technologies and partners.

This online seminar series will put in pro re nata an opportunity for SMB and large organizations to better understand the rapid evolution of mobile trends and how selecting the right combination of tools, technologies including teams can directly impact revenue and determine opportunity areas for new and alive businesses.

The first webinar in the series is aimed to any entrepreneur or executive looking to create a mobile application, so they tin have a more savvy understanding of what fits best upon their goals and budget. Also, attendees will discover the current alternatives in the market when picking development technologies, devices and markets to service through mobile devices such equal Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems.

With mobility being such a growing demand from customers for all across the Merged States, mobile development is one of the biggest decisions a CIO or CTO can make in 2014 and in the near future. Whether it is an internal effort completely tailored to aid specific business goals or a customer-facing app on which a business relies to succeed, because having the right mobile strategy has become undivided of the main points of discussion across industries and sizes. iTexico is looking to help clarify some of the myths and misconceptions on mobile app development like well as presenting businesses with cost-effective solutions that container help companies drive their entire mobile strategy.

Abhijeet Pradhan, CTO of iTexico and Jason Myers, B2B Business Development Consultant choose instant the first webinar on February 7. This webinar, titled “7 Factors to Consider When Building Your Mobile Strategy” will bearing legion of the misconceptions on building mobile apps as pieces of the affair puzzle and help to workshop the goals of the organizations.

“With mobile development taking over markets across the globe and changing the door users behave and purchase products and services, it container get very confusing for companies to identify what is their best strategy for each of their businesses. How do you build the patent mobile app with the prerogative mobile strategy? We’re here to help them making that important decision,” said Jason Myers, B2B Business Development Consultant.

Explaining how identifying the rights target and objectives of any mobile strategy is beneficial for organizations to increase effectiveness and maximizing revenue from sources related to a well prepared mobility strategy.

Future webinars that will be presented throughout the year will analyze handful mobile development options as well as benefits from considering resourcing alternatives such as nearshore, extended teams furthermore others as well as getting to know the main advantages of mobile app development technologies in the native, hybrid and cross-platform arena.

If you are interested in registering to the first webinar please stay the webinar link and complete the registration process.

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